Moisturizing Oil questions:

1. Is the moisturizing oil good for my face as I have acne-prone skin / allergies?

Yes. Our product contains oils that give the moisture that your skin needs, without clogging its pores. One of the main ingredients is safflower oil, which is made up almost entirely of linoleic acid, a secret weapon used to fight acne.

2. Is the moisturizing oil good for stretch marks?

Yes. The moisturizing oil helps to heal stretch marks by nourishing the skin with its antioxidants and vitamins.

Dermatologists recommend massage as a treatment for stretch marks. Massage the area with oil, using your fingertips, in circular motions. This helps stretch your collagen and elastin fibers, making them more pliable and normal looking.

3. Is the moisturizing oil good for pregnant women?

Absolutely. Our products are 100% safe and 100% natural.

4. Is the moisturizing oil good for scars on the face / body?

Yes. Applied daily, our moisturizing oil helps repair damaged skin. In addition to nourishing and softening the skin, it will help to even out the texture and skin tone.

5. Is the moisturizing oil good for discoloration on the face?

Yes. The moisturizing oil contains nutrients that nourish the skin and smooth out the skin tone.

6. Can I use the moisturizing oil at night?

Yes. Using the moisturizing oil at night is very beneficial because that is when the skin repairs itself. Our product is made of nourishing oils which are full of vitamins and fatty acids that boost your skin to repair and rejuvenate.

7. Can we use the moisturizing oil on the bikini area?

Yes, you could use it on the bikini area, but be sure to stay away from sensitive areas, as the botanical essential oils would cause burning. The moisturizing oil is for external use only.

8. Can we use the moisturizing oil on the lips?

No. The moisturizing oil contains botanical essential oils that are bitter in taste and should not be ingested.


Exfoliating Shower Gel questions:

1. Can I use the shower gel as a shampoo on color-treated hair?

Yes. Our product is gentle and sulfate-free. It contains organic olive and coconut oils which replenish moisture and make your hair look younger.